28 November 2009

FMSR 1938 Class O (Later Class 561) 4-6-2

Full Train Stamp Sheet

60c stamps from Niutao, Tuvalu in the Pacific issued 21st August 1985. The first stamp illustrates the technical / plan drawings and the second stamp shows the locomotive at work.

The Malayan railway system started at Singapore and ran north through the peninsular, dividing into east and west main lines, each of which meet the Thailand railway system on the frontier in the north. The railway used Pacific (4-6-2) passenger locomotives, with the 1938 O Class proving the most competent design (built by the North British Locomotive Co. of Glasgow). The locomotives were later reclassified as Class 561. Among other modern features of the locomotive was Caprotti poppet valve gear. Successive batches of the Class O were built until 1946 as Classes 562, 563, and 564.

Between 1983 and 1987 the Islands of the British Commonwealth collaboratively produced an Omnibus issue of postage stamps depicting famous and historic locomotives.


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