17 January 2010

Selangor Government Railway - SGR

History of Railways in Selangor

The Selangor Government Railway opened its first line from Bukit Kuda, near Klang, to Kuala Lumpur on 15th September 1886. The intention was to complete the line to Klang but it was another four years to the day before the Connaught bridge over the Klang river was opened.
The line was extended from Kuala Lumpur to Batu Junction and Rawang in 1892.

As it was not feasible to make an end-on connection this line would branch off from the line to Klang just to the south of the Kuala Lumpur station and goods yard. To avoid the necessity of trains having to reverse into the station a new station was planned about half a mile further south. It is not clear whether this new station opened when the extension opened or a little while later. Photograph 7 below was taken in 1893 but I have no date for photograph 8.

The next line to open was from the north end of the Kuala Lumpur (1892) station across the Klang River, along Foch Avenue and through Sultan Street station to Pudu, on 1st June 1893. At the same time work was continuing northwards from Rawang and it opened to Serendah on 10th July 1893 and finally Kuala Kubu on 6th October 1894. By the 1st March 1895 the line from Pudu had been extended to Sungei Besi and it reached Kajang on 14th August 1897. The Klang Valley line was extended from Klang to Port Swettenham on 1st January 1899 and the Selangor Government Railway system was completed when the northward line from Kuala Kubu reached Kalumpang on 1st August 1900 and finally Tanjong Malim on 1st November 1900.

With the extension of all these lines newer and larger locomotives were needed and between 1894 and 1901 three new classes appeared. The 4 D class 4-6-0 tender locomotives came from Kitson in 1894 and Dubs in 1895 and were followed by two F class 4-4-0 tender locomotives in 1897. 4 G class 4-6-0 tender locomotives came from Kitson in 1898 followed by a further 2 in 1901 and another 2 in 1902, by which time the Selangor Government Railway had been merged with the Perak Government Railway to form the Federated Malay States Railway, although it was to be 1903 before the two systems were physically connected

Sometime between 1922 and 1929 a deviation line was built from just north of Kuala Lumpur station (by the old junction for Sultan Street) to a point across the Gombak River from Campbell Road (now Jalan Dang Wangi I think) to the north of Bank Negara. This was a double track line and ran through a tunnel a little way to the west of the old Residency station. The old alignment is now buried beneath Jalan Kuching / Jalan Hishamuddin. The old line is shown well on a 1908 KL map, the proposed deviation is shown on a poor 1922 map and the new line is shown well on a 1929 map.

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