15 May 2009

KTMB running hybrid trains to deal with congestion

Picture copyright form Kelvin Khew (KTMRFC)

KUALA LUMPUR: KTMB is solving the high demand for commuter trains by running “hybrid” trains which are made up of disused KTM Komuter coaches pulled by diesel locomotives.

KTMB managing director Datuk Abd Radzak Abd Malek said this is a short-term measure to deal with peak hour congestion until the new electric commuter train arrives.

Speaking to reporters after launching the service at Kuala Lumpur station, Abd Radzak said two such hybrid have been running since May 6.

The trains are serving the Shah Alam-KL Sentral and Kajang-Rawang routes. More routes will be added later.

The disused KTM Komuter trains are those whose engines are out of commission.



Anonymous said...

itu bukannya hybrid, itu namanya stupid.

Bhing said...

I guess that would be a nice idea..I am not sure though since it is not in our area..

Mochitsuki Hitomi a/p Thien Wu said...

I don't mind what train they're using, hybrid or not, as long as it is on time and punctual and also got aircond inside. But it would be best if they use ICE (German train) or TGV (France) for Komuter. LoL!