19 July 2009

FMSR Class T

Origin FMSR
Builder W. Bagnall, England
FMSR Class T
Cylinder 13 x 20 inches
FMSR Number range 13-17, 26-28, 70, 71
Boiler Pressure 160 psi
KTM Class 32
Driving Wheel Diameter 39 inches
KTM Number range 321.01-321.05
Water Capacity 750 gallons
Introduced 1926
Extinct 1966
Weight Full 31 tons
Tractive Effort 11,787 lb

321.01 was sold into industrial use, and has subsequently been preserved in post-war livery at the National Museum (Muzium Negara) in Kuala Lumpur. The first and last photos above are of the same loco, some 70 years apart.


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These became FMSR C class and were basically B class locomotives with 4-wheel tenders added, although they were built new. ...

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