23 July 2009

FMSR Class WD - MacArthur

Origin - U.S. Army Transportation Corps
Builder - Alco, Baldwin, Davenport (USA)
Cylinder - 16 x 24 inches
FMSR Number range - Not allocated, ran with USATC numbers
Boiler Pressure - 185 psi
KTM Class - 90
Driving Wheel Diameter - 48 inches
KTM Number range - 901.01-901.25
Water Capacity - 4,168 galons
Introduced - 1944
Extinct - c1973
Weight Full - 52 tons
Tractive Effort - 20,100 lb

The famous American "MacArthur" 2-8-2 heavy freight locos were introduced to the Far East during and after World War 2. They could be seen in many Asian countries including Burma, Thailand, India, and The Phillipines.

Odd examples even found their way to Africa and New Zealand. A total of 48 examples worked in post-war Malaya under the ownership of the USA Transportation Corps. In 1946 28 were sold to the Malayan Railway, and 20 to Thailand. In 1948/9, 16 of the Malayan locos were sold to the Tanganyika Railway, subsequently part of East African Railways, leaving 12 in Malaya. Some of these lasted to the end of steam on KTM in the 1970s.


mancai said...

keep old this old picture and print it.... wow nice posting and idea...thanks friends...

PJ Gomes said...

Beautiful piece of workhorse. Saw them working the freight trains along the Kedah Branch Line during the 60s. It was also used for the iron ore special from Bedong to Prai whenever the 20 class was not available. Some of the 90 class locos were fitted with rear head lights and cow catchers owing to non availability of turn tables at Bedong. I have the wooden replica of the locomotive 901.11 made in sentul workshop.