20 July 2009

FMSR Mallet

Origin - FMSR
Builder Baldwin, USA
Cylinder - 13x22 in, 19x22 in
FMSR Number range - 1, 2
Boiler Pressure - 180 psi
Driving Wheel Diameter - 44 in
Water Capacity - 2,122 gallons
Introduced - c1920
Weight Full - 50 t
Extinct - 1930
Tractive Effort - 18,250 lb

A number of American locos were delivered between 1918-1920, including two 0-6-6-0 Mallets which were originally destined for Russia. They reputedly worked heavy freight trains between Port Swettenham (Klang) and Kuala Lumpur until 1930. The photo of Number 105 was found in the KTM Gallery, but shows a loco of the same type on the Central Railway of Peru (thanks to Zacky for this info). The other picture, from J.A. Stanistreet's book, is presumable from the FMSR archives. The fencing around the footplate is a typical Russian feature. At least one locomotive of this type worked in the Philipines on a timber railway, and has been preserved.

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