18 August 2009

KTMB Customs & Immigration Procedure for Intercity

KTMB railway track in Kranji, SingaporeImage by StarvingFox via Flickr


Traveling out from Malaysia requires passenger to abide a clearance procedure conducted by customs and immigration of the country which they are visiting. Below is the guideline in regards to the customs and immigration clearance for passengers to take note when they travel by train:

Country: Travel to Singapore from Malaysia
  • Immigration Examination by Malaysia’s Authorities at Johore Bahru station
  1. Announcement will be made to notify passengers to prepare their legal documentation such as passport and White Card upon approaching Johore Bahru station for immigration examination that will be doing on board the train.
  2. Passengers are advised to sit at their own seats during examination is taking place
  3. Customs and Immigration Examination by Singapore’s Authorities at Woodlands station
  4. Passengers have to disembark from the train with luggage and belongings upon arrival at Woodlands station for Custom and Immigration checks.
  5. Passengers will be guided ahead to waiting hall by Singapore’s Police at the Immigration Office until entire train’s passengers are cleared of the check.
  6. Passengers are advisedly to get back to their respective coaches and the train will proceed to Tanjong Pagar station as a final station to Singapore.
  7. Tanjong Pagar station is also a valid entrance station for any return journey from Singapore to any destinations.
Country: Travel to Thailand from Malaysia
  • Immigration and Customs Examination by Malaysia/Thailand Authorities at Padang Besar Station
  1. Passengers will disembark from train and check into gate 6 for immigration clearance by Malaysia Immigration
  2. Arrival/Departure form has to be completed by passengers before Immigration of Thailand permits the clearance
  3. Customs check will be conducted by Thailand Custom on board of the train once train has pass through the border line
Country: Travel from Thailand to Malaysia
  • Immigration and Customs Examination by Thailand/Malaysia’s Authorities at Padang Besar Station
  1. Train will stop at Padang Besar station for passengers to do an immigration clearance conducted by Thailand Immigration. Passengers have to disembark from train with their luggage and proceed to gate no 4.
  2. Malaysia Immigration requires a completion form of IMM 26 (Malaysia Arrival Card) by foreign travelers; this procedure is exceptional for Malaysian travelers.
  3. Passengers will undergo a Customs examination before they embarks into train
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