03 September 2009

Bukit Besi Mining Railway

Bukit Besi in Dungun Terengganu was known for its iron ore within the hilly areas, hence the name Bukit Besi (Iron Hill). It was the Japanese who discovered the iron ore during Imperial Occupation of South East Asia back in 1942 and set up a mining company.

A narrow-gauge single-track railway line was built from Bukit Besi to Dungun at an approximately around 30 km long with one tunnel that was built at Kampung Che Lijah which is known as Bukit Tebuk tunnel.

The railway line offered both passengers and freight (mainly to transport iron ore) from Bukit Besi to Dungun where it ends at Sura Gate jetty. The train was popular among locals where they used the train to go to work either at Bukit Besi mining area or Dungun town. The tunnel itself got 2 small hole-up cubicles so as to provide safety access to the pedestrians who used the tunnel to cross over the hill to hide for safety whenever the train is approaching inside the tunnel.

Now Bukit Besi railway line already abandoned and dismantled, only some remnants of it still remain such as the tunnel which is still used by kampong folks for short-cut to the main road.

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