21 March 2010

Blue Tiger Locomotive Family

Blue Tiger locomotive was developed jointly by GE - Transportation and Bombardier, the Blue Tiger diesel-electric locomotive has an axle weight of less than 25 metric tonnes. It is available in various horsepower ratings and may use either AC or DC propulsion systems.

Initially the axle load was expected to be a light 18 tonnes and the power at 2500 kW. In practice, the German locomotives had an axle load of 21 tonnes, mass of 126 tonnes and engine power of 2,430 kW. General Electric supplied diesel engines and electrical transmission system (which utilised IGBT-based inverters driving AC traction motors). 

The rest of the locomotive was built by AdTranz in Kassel. Bombardier took over AdTranz in 2001, subsequently the Blue Tiger locomotive was shown at InnoTrans in 2002 with a view to European orders. 

Designer - Adtranz / GE
Model - DE-AC33C
Build date - 1996–2004

As of 2009, the class is no longer listed as a production model by Bombardier; GE lists also lists the family as a former production type. For the European market, Bomabardier produces the less powerful diesel variants of the TRAXX locomotive family, whilst GE offers variants of its Evolution series for export.

Pakistan Railway Blue Tiger version

Germany Blue Tiger version used by 3 company
- Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen (5 units including the prototype)
- ITL (Import Transport Logistik) (2 units)
- Havelländische Eisenbahnen AG (4 units)

Malaysian KTMB Blue Tiger version
Total Blue Tiger lo production   
  • Pakistan: 30 (60xx)
  • Malaysia: 20 (class 26)
  • Germany: 11
Total locomotive : 61

  • Pakistan: 1676 mm
  • Malaysia: 1000 mm
  • Germany: 1435 mm
  • Malaysia: 23700 mm
  • Germany: 23410 mm
Axle load
  • Malaysia: 20 t
  • Germany: 21 t
  • Malaysia: 120 t
  • Germany: 126 t
Fuel capacity  
  • Malaysia: 5500 L
  • Germany: 6000 L
Engine type   
  • Pakistan: FDL 16
  • Malaysia/Germany: General Electric 7FDL12
  • Top speed - 120km/h
  • * UIC classification - Co'Co'
  • Power output - German models: 2460 kW
  • Tractive effort - starting: 517 kN
* Co′Co′ - Two bogies or wheel assemblies under the unit. Each truck has three powered axles individually-driven by traction motors.

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