17 March 2010

Port Swettenham Railway Station

The town of Klang is situated on swampy ground lying between the Klang River from which it takes its name and a semicircle of low hills. Klang was formerly the terminus of the government railway and the port of the State. The river navigation, however, was difficult, and a new port was selected near the mouth of the river, which was opened in September, 1901, and named Port Swettenham

Port Swettenham Railway Station

Port Swettenham Railway Station c1910

Port Klang was originally known as Port Swettenham when it was founded under British colonial rule in 1893, after the then British Resident High Commissioner for the Malay State, Sir Frank Swettenham.

The modern Port Klang was constructed in 1901 under the name Port Swettenham after a study showed its coastal area and deep-water harbor were a good location for wharves and a port.

The railway section of the Kuang to Batang Berjuntai , from Batu Arang to Batang Berjuntai. approximately 7 miles, will be ready for traffic in the near future and the survey for the proposed line from the Pahang-Kelantan boundary to Kota Bahru has been completed. A survey for the doubling of the Port Swettenham line was commenced June 22, 1917. 

On 1 July 1963 the Malaysian government established the Port Swettenham Authority, which subsequently was changed to Port Klang Authority as a statutory corporation to take over the administration of Port Klang from the Malayan Railway Administration.

In the late 1960s and 1970s new deep water berths were constructed with wharves suitable for handling container as well as conventional cargoes.

KTM Komuter started revenue services as the first electric rail service in Malaysia on 14 August 1995 between Kuala Lumpur and Rawang. The service was later expanded to cover 153 route-km of electrified double track between Rawang and Seremban, and Sentul and Port Klang (Pelabuhan Klang). T

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