24 July 2010

Ekspress Rakyat - Tren No. 1 & 2

KM 443 Ekspress Rakyat intersection point

ER - 24116 Tun Kudu to Kuala Lumpur - 3.12 PM, 24.7.2010

ER - YDM 6635 to Singapore - 3.12 PM, 24.72010

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PJ Gomes said...

This service is in a pathetic state. The coaches are old, most automated doors are faulty, non of the TV onboard functions and sometimes there are no buffet cars, the service is slow and never on time. Some of the locomotives that KTMB use for this service looks as if they were just picked from Iraq after the war. Once the Padang Besar Ipoh Electrification service starts operation, this junk service should be ceased. KTMB should stop offering social service. Maybe can rename the service to Pensioners Express