01 September 2010

Malayan Railway Rail Ticket For Millitary 1955

 Military 1955 ticket

I have received an e-mail from Mr. Roy Nixon from UK on 23.8.2010 for asking anybody who would like to have Malayan Railways ticket that was issued to a military party for travel between Kuala Lumpur and Johore Bharu. He have had the ticket since took this party down to Johore Bharu in 1955. 

I have give my address to him and ticket arrive safely via air mail today 1.9.2010 after 55 years later in Malaysia. With nice stamps on envelope (Special issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of British Rail’s) is great for stamps collector like me.  Thanks for the ticket  and I will appreciate it history.

Stamps on envelope - 97p – LMS NCC Class WT

The London Midland and Scottish Northern Counties Committee Class WT, ‘Engine No 2’, is pictured at Larne Harbour in the late 1940s. Based on a standard LMS design but built for the wider Irish track, the WTs were the last new steam locomotives delivered to the NCC and were widely known as ‘Jeeps’

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