15 November 2009

Malayan Railway Building , Penang 1907

Wisma Kastam which currently houses the state Customs Department was formerly the Malayan Railway Building that sat alongside trading offices and warehouses built in the 20th century.

Back when it was called the Malayan Railway Building , the station is believed to be the only one in the world without a rail. Instead of platforms or trains, it had administrative offices, a ticketing booth and a first-class Railways Restaurant with Bar and Grill.

Passengers bought their tickets at the Penang Railway Station, walked to the Railway Jetty at the end of the China Street Ghaut and boarded the Railway Ferry Streamers to Prai to catch the train. Fares to and from Penang were inclusive of the ferry ride.
Built a century ago, the Malayan Railway Building marked the completion of the Federated Malay States Railway which was mainly used to transport tin and crops.It was the railway’s northern region headquarters. In the late 60s, the state Customs Office occupied the building.


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The Railway ferry traveled to Prai, the railway terminal was at Prai. The railway line was extended to Butterworth from Prai in late 1960's. After that the railway ferry service was redundant, using Penang Port commission's ferry to Butterworth instead.

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