24 December 2008

KTMB Shunter Class 16

Class 16
Manufactured by North British Locomotive Company, Scotland
Brought in 1955.

KTM Number range : 16101-16106
Horsepower : 312
Weight : 36 tons
Extinct : 1980
Tractive Effort : 24,200
Engine : Davey Paxman RPH
Transmission : Voith Hydraulic Torque Converter

These locos were originally allocated the series 152.01-6. It is not known whether they were delivered with these numbers, but works photos were taken with the 152-series plates.

Few more successful examples exist of diesel shunting locomotives in the tropics than the six 312 bhp three-axle diesel-hydraulic locomotives of the metre gauge Malayan Railway. Going straight into service on arrival at Kuala Lumpur in 1955, they now effect almost all the shunting over the extensive harbour trackage at Port Swettenham, and deal with works and station traffic at Kuala Lumpur. These units, with V-6 cylinder pressure-charged 7in. bore engines, had by the middle of 1957 accumulated about 70,000 working hours, with not a single piston lift in the first 45,000 hours.

NOTES: The locomotives were built by North British Locomotive Company (order L50 of 1952) at its Queens Park works and allocated works numbers 27482-487. Additional details are given in "Locomotive Centennial" by Haji Shamsuddin, published in Malaya in 1985. Painted olive green, the locomotives were delivered in 1954. The 16 class was powered by vee-form 6RPH engines driving Voith-North British L24V Hydraulic Torque Converter Transmissions. Total weight was 36 tons with a 12.25 ton maximum axleload which was kinder on wharf areas than the (English Electric) 15 class. All six locomotives remained at Swettenham for some years until the completion of the Port Dickson refinery complex when they were sent to service that area. They remained at work until 1980 and one has been sent to the Railway Museum, the other five were cut up in December 1984 at Sentul Workshop.

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