05 January 2009

JB Sentral & Danga City Mall update

5.01.2009 day trip by train.

Johor Bahru Sentral Progress 2009 (click for fine pict.)

The platforms were already filled with concrete sleepers, the mainline has been 'redirected' into a detour which is still under construction. Looks impressive, as if it was inside KLIA. Noted that the departure/arrival gates were somewhat similar as airport, with domestic and international segregation where domestic is placed at platform 1-4 while international is at platform 5-6.

Danga City Mall Halt (click for fine pict.)

Comparison photos between old and new. In my observation, there's quite a big number of Singaporeans using train services to come here, especially in the evenings. Right now, there's no particular so-called 'shuttle train' service with a dedicated shuttle trains as in KL-Ipoh, only some kind of 'piggy-back' where most express trains were made to stop at this halt.

Video Ekspres Kembara EK29dn with 29120 Kledang while going back to Kempas Baru by Ekspres Sinaran Petang XSP6up with 26112 Tanjung Piandang.

Gambar , video serta pengalaman oleh saudara Angsa3212 dan diterbitkan dengan izin melalui KTMRFC website.

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