14 March 2009

Jambatan Victoria

The oldest railway bridge in Malaya is the Victoria Bridge in Karai, Perak. Built in 1897, it was the most advanced bridge in terms of its engineering in the Far East at that time. This bridge provides a communication link for the growth of the tin mining industry and the development of the mining towns in the Malayan Peninsula. With the opening of this bridge, the whole of the west coast from Perai to Johor Bahru was linked by rail.

Stamp : Historical Bridges of Malaysia

The bridge was officially opened in 1900 by the late Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah I of Perak and the British's Federated Malay States Residents-General Sir Frank Swettenham.

Victoria Bridge looks like a kind of "bridge over the river Kwai", but that's not true.There is another bridge in Malaysia, which looks like the bridge over the river Kwai: the Guillemard Bridge in Kelantan.


Anonymous said...

Now abandoned already after a pre-fab concrete bridge replaced the century-old bridge. Good thing that the old bridge is not destroyed and dismantled totally...

Xinan a/l Pai Chueng Lang said...

bestnyerr setem berkenaan!