08 November 2009

Plymouth Shunter

Builders no. 2388

The small loco is one of 35 Unitied States Army Transportation Corps Locomotives (USATC) petrol locos built in 1945. One of six shunter sent to Malaya in 1945, but by 1950 only this and one other (2397) were in service. Picture dated Oct 1969.

In 1945 Malayan Railway received 5 Plymouth locomotives plus one more at a later date 2388, 2397, 2383, 2390, 2393. All ex USTAC arrived in August 1945 and 2394 arrived after this date. They had been previously been used in Burma by USATC.

Plymouth shunters no. 2383, 2388 and 2397 were used as service locomotives at Singapore with 2390 and 2393 doing similar work at Sentul. One locomotive was apparently burnt out at Johore Bahru, which may explain why 2394 arrived later than the others having previously been used in Burma.

By 1947 only 2388, 2394 and 2397 were still in use; 2394 was out of use by 1950. None of these loco recieved FMSR numbers. Certainly the locomotive that was plinth ed at Sentul in the early 1990's had no FMSR/KTM number, although it did carry the KTM logo.

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